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Like Local! 
Homegrown and proud of serving our community for over 20 years. 

We have a beautiful clean state of the art facility!
Many of our students train with us for fitness only; you don't have to spar or aspire to fight, to train at Averill's!

Our expertise is in teaching average, everyday people the technical know-how of real boxing and kick-boxing. Not only will you develop superior fitness, but you'll also gain confidence each time you walk out of our gym.

Anyone can learn to Box or Kick box! Unlike most sports, these are skills that can be learned at any age. We’ve developed a “no black eye”, “no broken nose” training system that is safe and fun. Averill’s is a school for people who want to build courage, not just abs. 
You'll feel like you're getting ready for a prizefight!  We combine traditional boxing techniques with cutting-edge conditioning drills that develop explosive speed, cardiovascular strength, and mental clarity; all overseen by certified, experienced coaches, to ensure your success. This type of training will give you an edge in every area of your life! 

Getting “fit” doesn’t mean getting “HIT”. Our programs are designed to give you a physique like a professional fighter, not a face like one. We’ll teach you how to move, think and perform like a champ, without paying for it with a black eye. 

We don't make life easier, we make you tougher!