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"The big difference between Sifu Averill's academy and other martial arts dojos is that Mr. Averill takes his business very serious.  [Martial arts] has changed my life significantly for the better.  I would not be the person I am today."

-Josh G., (student)
"We are grateful that you are such an important part of our lives and such a key person in helping us to raise a healthy kid!"

-Lynn T., (parent)
"Averill's Martial Arts Academy is the BEST around!  In the course of almost five years, Paul Averill has taught my kids respect, self confidence, self defense, in a healthy, safe atmosphere.
Not only are Mr. and Mrs. Averill their instructors, but their friends as well.  I highly recommend Averill's Martial Arts!"

-Kate M., (parent)
"Thank you for all you do for Charles.  He has made real social and other progress over the years and I credit you for a strong, steady, and positive influence on him."

-Janet H, (parent)

“In the six years I have studied Chin Na with Sifu Averill I have enhanced my skills and abilities which have made me a more confident person. As a police officer this training has been paramount to my safety and the ability to take control of a situation quickly. Chin Na combines hand to hand combat, strengthening along with agility and coordination-things that I need daily in my job.

Sifu Averill’s discipline, integrity and compassion in helping you achieve your goals are never ending. I would highly recommend Averill’s Martial Arts to anyone looking to improve their physical, mental and spiritual well being.”

-Bill B, (Police Officer)

    " I have been training in the Martial Arts since the early 80s . In that time I have studied Mu Tau, Uechi Ryu and Aikido. 

For the past 10 or more years I have trained with Sifu Averill in Chin Na, kick-boxing, Tai Chi and recently have started Kung Fu. The great thing about training with Sifu.Averill is that he encourages exploration. There is no "This is better than that" or traditional over modern. All systems and styles are respected and there is a real willingness to look at and incorporate what works from all". 

  "Sifu Averill's Knowledge of the Martial Arts is truly inspiring. His ability to teach and his patience with students such as myself who are new to the more Traditional Chinese Arts has made my continuing studies exciting and challenging and I look forward to many more years of training".
-David D, Student
"Working with Paul has changed my life, it's given me direction, focus and the discipline to help me grow a successful business and have successful relationships with people". 

"My time spent working with Paul and the guys in class are some of the best times of the week and I always look forward to it and really miss it when I can't make it". 

 "I highly recommend anyone training at Averill's Martial Arts Academy, and can tell you the kids I work with at my facility who come from Paul's school are some of the nicest and respectful kids and a pleasure to spend time with". 

-Brian S, Personal Trainer (Brian's One to One Fitness)
Hi   mr.averill and mrs.
mr.& mrs averill    thank   you for    teaching   me lots   moves.

from zack  (E-mail from Student Age 7)
"We can not be happier with the instruction you two offer to our son and the other students at Pathfinder [Academy]. Zack really enjoys it and asked me if he could email you to thank you for being tough on him :-). You do a great job, and we have been impressed all along".

Kerriann B. (Parent)
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“From the moment I shook hands with Sifu Paul & Simo Chrys, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was in the hands of professionals who had no interest in propagating pseudo martial arts, rather, whose sole interests were imparting the invaluable knowledge of practical self defense and sharing the artistic beauty of martial arts”.

“The world is a right scary place and Averill’s predicates it programs and training on that very fact. Every class you walk away from will leave you with confidence on your growing ability to handle a wide variety of real life scenarios, and not just ones where your aggressor just happens to grab your wrist just so. This notion is reflected even more in the fact that classes are non discriminatory towards ranks so students aren’t limited in what they learn based on rank”.

“Integrity and old fashion hard work are at the heart of Averill’s. I can offer my personal guarantee that you will not find a finer school to train at nor finer, more down to earth people to train with. Training with Sifu Paul & Simo Chrys has been nothing short of an honor and a privilege”.

Jeff B. Student

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"I joined Averill’s martial arts for fitness and fun; I would never have expected it to save my life! I was violently accosted in eastern Europe. In defending myself, I broke my wrist and sprained my ankle, but ultimately I am alive. Without the years of training at Averill’s I’m not sure I would be here today. I can’t stress enough the extent to which this training prepares you for the everyday life and then whatever it throws at you." - A
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"After coming to Averill's for 6 years, I had to move to Massachusetts for work. The energy at Averill's was life-changing for me, and something that I continue to desire and appreciate. I still make the drive to train at Averill's at least once a week; the travel is a small price to pay for the great atmosphere"e that I have found here.
Many thanks to the Coaches Paul and Chrys Averill for their wonderful gym" - AJ
When people ask me how Averill's Martial Arts has changed my life, I show them this picture. While the physical transformation is obvious, it's the metamorphosis of my mental and spiritual development that has truly changed my life. 

When I walked into Averill's for the first time I was petrified! Chrys didn't leave my side for my entire first class because I'm sure my anxiety was palpable. I also remember Chrys saying that if I stuck with it, I'd be a good boxer. Well, that was all that I needed to hear! I soaked up everything you both have ever said to me since. When you said throw 1,2's at the bag until my punches were snappy, I stayed for hours in the gym doing just that. When Paul would walk by and say “you just keep getting stronger don't you?", I thought, damn right! And it’s because of both of you! 

I could go on and on about what you both mean to me, but I'd rather just continue to work my ass off and SHOW you both what an incredible impact you've had on my life!  

You both have many gifts but your ability to give people their lives back, well, that's something that is truly rare and I'm so incredibly grateful. Thank you both!

Mel G.