For New Students - 2 Options to Get Started

No matter your age or athletic ability, you can learn to box. You set your own limitations; how far you take your training is up to you. For those new to the “sweet science”, we have some great options to help you get started: All new students must pre-register for any of the following options.


Includes: Hand Wraps, Boxing Fundamentals & Conditioning Class. Recommended for the confident beginner with an intermediate- or higher fitness level, you’ll work with an instructor in a 30-minute private lesson to learn how to properly wrap your hands, set up your stance, and learn basic punches and fundamentals. Afterward, you’ll join our Level I Boxing Fundamentals and Conditioning class, where you’ll get a great workout as you practice your fundamental skill sets with other beginner- to intermediate students. Includes FREE HAND WRAPS.


Includes: Hand Wraps, 45-minute Private Introductory Lesson. Recommended for new students who would like their first lesson to be solely with a trainer. Learn how to properly wrap your hands for training, set up your stance, basic fundamentals and your instructor will put you through your first beginner boxing workout. Includes FREE HAND WRAPS.

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There are boxing gyms…   Then there’s Averill’s.

Averill’s Martial Arts is known for professionalism, our fun, clean atmosphere, and our ability to consistently produce skilled boxers and kickboxers of all ages, including Golden Gloves champions.  

From the absolute beginner to the seasoned athlete, and everyone in between, you don’t need prior experience and you don’t have to spar in the ring to train at our gym. Whether your interest is mainly for fitness, or if you aspire to the ring and competition, our seasoned instructors will school you in all the technical aspects of the great stand-up arts.

At Averill’s, great physiques go hand-in-hand with great self-defense skills. Why just exercise when you can get so much more value from your precious workout time? -A stronger, more fit body, AND a boost of self-confidence! What are you waiting for? 

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