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About Us

Concord's "Hidden Jewel"


Since 1993, Averill's has been an academy of martial arts. Long before "mixed martial arts" gained popular recognition, Coach Paul Averill has taught his students to think beyond the mind set of "one way, one style" training.  Diverse skills are important for the serious practitioner, and varied workouts keep a body and mind fresh.  Coach Averill's proficiency in multiple disciplines, and his concern for each student's progress, as well as his superior ability to impart his skills to his students, are why Averill's is known as Concord's "hidden jewel"  of martial arts schools.

Averill's Gym Philosophy


Do you think life is tough?  It is.  Think life’s not fair?  You’re right.

We don't make life easier - we make YOU TOUGHER.  Life is a contact sport.  We not only get you in great physical shape, but mental and emotional shape as well.  When times get tough, the heart of a champion could come in handy now and then.


Training with Averill's helps you become razor-sharp and ready for what life puts in front of you.  And makes you look good doing it!  Train Right!  Train at Averill's!

Coach Paul_Averill Corner_260x410.jpg
Head Coach Paul Averill
Coach Paul J Ford Bow earns belt after win BW 2_375x.jpg
Coach Paul Averill working the corner_350x.jpg
Coach Paul Averilll demo straight KB BW.jpeg
Coach Paul Demonstrates Heavy Bag BW.png
Averill_s_Muay_thai_Coach Paul Knee BW.j
Our Facility / Gym


We have beautiful and clean state of the art facility located in the heart of historic downtown Concord, New Hampshire.  Averill's is home grown and proud to have served our community for over 25 years!

Averill's Martial Arts_Don't Download Im
Averill's martial arts street sign_Downtown Concord_400x.jpg
Averill's boxing gym_Speed Bags_375x.jpg
Averill's boxing gym_1st Floor_HeavyBags_410x.jpg
Averill's martial arts training equipment400x.jpg
Averill's boxing class room 410x236.jpg
Averill's Martial Arts Boxing ring and Fitness equipment  Ring.png
Averill's boxing NH_Waiting Area.png
Averill's boxing NH trophies_ProShop_400x.jpg
Averill's Martial Arts_street signs.jpeg
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