Averill's Martial Arts' classes are SAFEFUN and PRACTICAL, teaching solid clean fundamentals for REAL Boxing and REAL Kickboxing.  You'll be taught all the tools you need; whether for the ring or just for fitness!  Many of our students train with us for fitness only. 


You don't have to spar or aspire to fight to train at Averill's No matter what your goals, you'll walk out of our gym safer from learning real skills.

Getting “FIT” doesn’t mean getting “HIT”.  Our unique training method of no “black eye & no broken nose” programs are designed to give you a physique like a professional fighter, not a face like one.  We’ll teach you how to move like a champ, without paying for it with a black eye.  


All our classes provide great workouts, are never boring and are always different.  You’ll learn how to correctly execute exciting, cutting-edge strength and conditioning exercises, and can work at a pace that is comfortable for you.  We’ll challenge you with new exercises as your fitness levels increase, keeping each class new and exciting!  Please check out our class descriptions below to learn how Averill's can help you take your first step into training right!


If your interest is in competition, click here for more information.



Averill's is a boxing gym for beginners who want to learn how to box, and also for the experienced boxer who wants to get back into the sport they love.  Our classes provide an emphasis on physical fitness and fundamental correctness of Olympic Style Boxing.  


Averill’s is known for professionalism, our fun, clean atmosphere, and our ability to consistently produce skilled boxers of all ages, including Golden Gloves champions.

You'll feel like you're getting ready for a prizefight!  We combine traditional boxing techniques with cutting-edge conditioning drills that develop explosive speed, cardiovascular strength, and mental clarity; all overseen by certified, experienced coaches, to ensure your success. This type of training will give you an edge in every area of your life!

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The best defense is CONFIDENCE to help your child to be less of a victim.  Not only will your child walk out of our school STRONGER, they'll also walk out SAFER!  Our classes are SAFE, FUN and PRACTICAL, and teach solid fundamentals for real Boxing. 


Beginners are allowed to participate at their own pace and comfort level, and do not have to spar.  Advanced students who demonstrate solid fundamentals and a dedication to their training may be selected for our competition team.


Learning to box at Averill's teaches kids to overcome fear, and be assertive, while being neither victim nor aggressor. 


Youth Boxing classes are fun and challenging, provide an outlet for stress, and build physical and mental fortitude.  Students will learn problem solving & teamworkleadership, confidence, and respect.  Boxing can be a life changing experience for your child.

All of our classes are taught by Adult USA Boxing Certified Instructors, each with more than 30 years of experience in the martial arts as well as 20 plus years of teaching background in the martial arts and in conflict resolution!



Averill's kickboxing program reflects our head instructor's 30 years of experience in combining the best elements of Muay Thai, JKD, American Kickboxing, French Savate and Chinese Sanda into our unique and comprehensive kickboxing system.

We teach solid fundamentals for real kickboxing. You'll be taught all the tools you’ll need, whether for the ring or just for fitness! No matter what your goals are, you'll walk out of our gym SAFER from learning REAL SKILLS.


All our kickboxing classes provide great workouts, are never boring and are always different.  We teach you to strike with your fists, elbows, knees and legs!  You'll also learn how to correctly execute exciting, cutting-edge strength and conditioning exercises, and can work at a pace that is comfortable for you!

Click here if you are interested in kickboxing competition.


What is Taiji (Tai Chi) - Qi (Chi) Gong?


Taiji is a martial art first and fore most. Within the practice of this slow flowing gentle art  students increase their over all health and well being. Qi gong cultivates human internal energy (Chi), increases core strength.  Taiji develops the physical body and the Qi (life force) through proper breathing and gentle body movements.  It is also an excellent self defense system. 

Students (Men & Women Ages 16-up) learn Sun Style Taiji in a caring environment.  Our program stresses fundamental correctness of Taiji in a traditional atmosphere. 

Taiji can be used as a preventive health measure as a way to maintain good health, or to help with a specific ailment.  Taiji can be used to help Arthritis, Balance, Circulation Problems, High Blood Pressure, Multiple Sclerosis and Stress.  Ask our seasoned coaches for more information.

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