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Why Boxing is a Martial Art

Webster’s dictionary defined Martial Arts as • any one of several forms of fighting and self-defense (such as karate and judo) that are widely practiced as sports•.  


Martial is defined as •of or relating to war or soldiers•.


Art is defined in many ways but applies here as •an activity that requires special knowledge or skill•.


Boxing is a highly competitive sport but it can also be used in the street or in the military.  It is exceptionally effective in combat and shouldn’t be dismissed as sports-based only.  A good boxer can be effective against any combat skill set. Bruce Lee knew this and adopted Muhammad Ali’s foot work to add to his martial arts - due to its simplicity and effectiveness. Many martial arts have borrowed from boxing by taking the different stances and mechanics of striking as well the defensive tactics.


Modern boxing, as we know it, was greatly influenced by the Filipino martial arts.  If you think back to the days and style of John Sullivan and the Marquess of Queensberry, you’re probably picturing the knuckles forward and palms facing in, lined up on the center line. American solders based in the Philippines witnessed the practice of Filipino martial arts and adopted the guard stance and foot work of these systems and from that we have a new modern style of boxing, all based from martial arts, making it a highly effective skilled system of combat.


Many people say boxing is just a sport and not a martial art because that's what they see on TV - a sporting event.  Karate, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, etc., all are considered martial arts. But, at the same time, these martial arts have sport competitions but they are not as widely shown on TV or covered in the news as boxing and that shadows people’s view on boxing being a martial art. So the answer is "YES” boxing is a martial art - a highly effective one and a great way to build confidence, get fit and have fun. Most boxing training doesn't consist of sparring but all the elements of boxing training - bag work, conditioning, mitt work and more.


SO if you're looking to have FUN and get FIT, please check out our boxing class at Averill’s Martial Arts.  And if you're interested in competing, we offer excellent competition training.   TRAIN RIGHT.  TRAIN at AVERILL'S.

Kung Fu and Boxing relations
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